The Basics Before You Draw

Hi, and congratulations for finding this site. Here you will find all kinds of free tutorials, tips, tricks, secrets and recommended resources for books, various tools and materials.

Before you start drawing is important to understand that we don’t draw with our hand, but with our mind. And the first thing we learn to do is observe. Before jumping into any tutorial, take a moment and notice your hands. Look at them as though is the very first time you’re looking at them. Notice all the curves, the color, the shades, the highlights, the texture. Now go a step further and look at the contour of each hand. Forget all that is in them, just notice this imaginary line that surrounds each hand. This imaginary line that surrounds all the hand is what you use as a guide to draw.

This is the very first step to learn how to draw. Is not really about any skill you don’t have already. Is about starting to look at things as if it was the very first time.

Even though I have painted and drawn for many years, every time I pick a subject and start drawing it, it always feels like the first time. That’s because I have never painted that image before, and that is what is so exciting about painting!

Just take a while to become familiarized with your subject before you draw it, is kind of like getting to know each other first. Then when you feel familiar enough with your reference, then you can start drawing your first line.

Thank you for coming to this site, and if you ever need any help or have a comment or suggestion, please leave a comment in the box below. Have a great day, and happy drawing!


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