Catalogue – July 2015

Below is the collection available to purchase. When you click on each image you will be able to see more details, including how many reproductions are left for each piece. Contact me by clicking here to place your order, or to ask additional question if you have any.

What’s included with each limited edition print?

  1. An individual hand embellishment by myself (Nathan Lorenzana) to add a unique and personal touch to each reproduction. This means no two pictures will be the same!
  2. An elegant and sleek frame that makes it easy for the new owner to place it in most spaces
  3. A metallic plate where you can add your name, your company’s name, and your recipient’s name. This way you make each framed piece completely individualized, thus adding a fine and personal touch to your gift.
    This information will be asked to be provided through email just before you place your order.

For orders outside Guatemala an additional charge for shipping and handling will be included.


Note: All pictures shown in this gallery and website are not photographs, but artwork painted entirely by hand.