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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I wanted to stop by and let you know how great your work is. I especially love the Eva Longoria speed painting. That will make a great wedding gift for me and her lol I wish.

    Anyways, I always admired your work. As a fellow designer, do you have any tips on improving my digital painting skills? Any tips would be more than appreciated. As you can see this is the best Ive gotten so far. Too bad I never got around to finishing it up though.

    Thanks for your time

    Vincent Garza


    1. Thanks for your comments Vincent. The best tip I can give to you is that is always best to forget everything you think you know about how things look like. Look upon everything like if it’s the very first time you see it. The second best tip is dedication and discipline, that’s the last thing people may want to hear, but that’s also why there are so very few excellent artists out there! Take care, I wish you all the best.


  2. Hola Jorge,
    Todo el blog está en inglés pero supongo tu lengua es el español.
    Me encantan tus dibujos. Sos buenísimo.
    Una duda técnica: solamente en el dibujo de Enya haces mención al uso de GIMP….
    todas las demás imágenes fueron hechas con otro programa o todo es GIMP?????
    Te pregunto porque en mis clases de computación en secundaria estoy enseñando el GIMP,
    claro, a un nivel muy elemental, pero estoy buscando ejemplos de imágenes hechas en GIMP,
    para mostrar lo que es posible hacer, claro que en estos casos es más importante la mano del artista que el programa utilizado.
    Sin embargo, muestra lo que se podría hacer y que GIMP es un programa del nivel de Photoshop.
    Recibe un abrazo. Felicidades.


    1. Hola, gracias por tu comentario. Sí, efectivamente todo al final se reduce a la dedicación y no al programa utilizado. La galería muestra varias imágenes que he pintado en GIMP, como el retrato de Enya, Eva Longoria, el conejo bebé, y “The Deep”. Otras imágenes han sido pintadas en Photoshop y ArtRage. ¡Éxitos!


  3. Hello, I have to advance before you take off what you can do … I’m from Czech Republic so excuse the English. I am 15 years old … I start with drawing tablet, and I feel that it might never learn …. So far I can take the country and do not easily face some tips to improve? Thank you in advance otherwise once again admire your work!


    1. Hi Nikola, thanks for your comment and interest in learning 🙂 You have the advantage of starting off at a very young age, and even though you might feel discouraged because you don’t think you’re getting the results you want… well, it’s very normal to feel that way! I started painting with oils around your age as well and wasn’t sure I was doing it well enough. It didn’t take that long for me to become pretty good to draw with a digital tablet though, but that was because I already spent many years before learning how to draw and paint.

      With practice (many many hours) and patience with yourself you can see how you start improving. There is no “magic pill” to learn how to draw, it just takes many years of practice. I myself see that I still have a lot to learn. But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy it. Otherwise it starts to become something you could eventually stop doing.

      Thanks again for writing, I wish you all the best in your artistic adventures. Happy 2012!

      – Jorge


  4. jorge your work is amazing im trying to get better at drawing and was wondering if you could recommend books you may like or techniques i could practice daily to improve ..thank..keep up the good work


    1. Hi Alfred, thanks for writing and for your kind comments! Recommendations of any kind or tips would greatly depend on what approach you’re taking to drawing/painting/illustrating. It depends if you’re illustrating still life, architecture, landscapes, human figure, etc., and which techniques, such as pencil, oils, watercolor, acrylics, digital painting, etc. Yet I can give you a general approach to seeing, where it’s where all starts. You see, the talent is not really in your hands, is mostly in the way you see and interpret what you see. When that one is fine tuned, then the hand starts to follow.

      What I suggest always is every time you’re about to paint something, look at it without any preconceptions of how you “think” the object really is. And then begin to connect with the object you’re about to paint to the point where it begins to feel that you’re not painting any object “out there”, but instead you feel you’re really about to paint yourself. This is crucial, and will be told to you by different artists in their own way.

      Though, I do understand there are certain “techniques” that help. If you would let me know any specifics, or areas you are having a difficult time with, I’ll be glad to help in any way:) Thanks again, and happy painting!


      1. jorge thanks digital painting is the plan i just got a bamboo tablet.. i like drawing humans or comic characters and would like to be able to make more realistic images..i dont know if i can ever get to your level but ill try everyday..were you always this good?thanx


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