Speed Painting Videos

From painting on cave walls, egg temperas, oils and then acryllics to now drawing tablets and paint programs visual arts have been evolving in their form and function for more than a millenia.  It is amazing how art has changed throughout the years due to advances in the mediums, styles and now technology.  For a long time I myself was concentrated on traditional arts made with pencils and oil paints until one day I bought a drawing pen and tablet of my own and my love of creating digital arts began.

I had seen time lapse videos of artists at work in the past but it was never anything I was interested in doing myself.  The idea of setting up a camera and lighting and getting involved in film editting turned me off and it was nothing I even considered experimenting with.  One day while browsing through YouTube I discovered videos of digital time lapse or “speed paintings” that were made with screen capture programs and I found myself watching one after another after another.   Technology’s advancement and art’s advantageous use of it had once again caused an evolution.  Having painted and illustrated for many years I felt I had found something that could take those disciplines to a new level.

I like to think of my videos as more than just documentation of a work in progress but also as a sort of performance piece.  I pay attention to the editting and soundtrack and also to the process of creating the portrait itself.  While originally watching examples of this new digital art medium I was especially inspired to actually see those few seemingly simple pen strokes add a “living” quality to portraits, a mysterious property that makes a piece of art connect with it’s observer.  I was motivated to provide the same experience for someone else, to not only entertain but to help demonstrate style and technique and to motivate others to create also.  I hope that I have been able to do that for you.

TIP: To watch any video FULL SCREEN click the button on the bottom right corner of each video (the one with the four expanding arrows).

This is a video made for the complementary visual piece of my original composition “Storm Clouds”.


This one is the beginning of a very ambitious series I want to start working on. It has special significance personally because it was painted with a free program called GIMP. In this way I want to reassure for myself that it’s not the tool what is most important but the care that is taken in the process.

LUKE STEELE  from the band Empire of the Sun

DANNY TREJO as Machete

Sexiest woman alive in 2010 according to Esquire

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. as Sherlock Holmes

LADY GAGA in comic/manga style

AVATAR, The Last Airbender

JACOB BLACK from the Twilight series

WAR MACHINE from the movie Iron Man 2

An impressionist painting with original music composed by myself and both made for my wife. The name of the song is “Golden String”, which you can find in the Music section of this site.



ALICIA KEYS  My very first speed painting video