“Causeless” – The First of a Series of Ballpoint Pen Studies

So I finally have had the energy, time and inspiration to start a series of ballpoint pen studies. The purpose of these pictures is to explore the possibilities of creating sketches, from start to finish, with only a ballpoint pen. Usually the way I and other artists do it is by making a pencil outline first, then fill and color with ballpoint pen. Much like artists do with watercolor.

Though by drawing only with ballpoint pen from start to finish becomes a huge challenge because, as you may know, you can’t erase ballpoint pen’s ink. So I’m faced with having to be fully sure that each stroke is where it has to be, because I also don’t use any guidelines for construction. Every stroke is permanent, so what you see is what has been drawn from the start.

Below is the first piece of this series, called “Causeless”. The name of this piece has to do with the relief and spacious expanse experienced subjectively when one realizes there is really no true “cause” for anything, but rather an unfoldment of interconnected and simultaneous events.

"Causeless" - Ballpoint Pen Sketch
“Causeless” – Ballpoint Pen Sketch

Along with these pieces I am dedicating a page called Art Store where you will be able to see which pieces are for sale, and information about their size, media, pricing, etc.

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